Spelling Bee Rap


They call me Math Master 'cause I multiply faster,
But face me in a spelling bee, that's a disaster
Watch out!

'Cause right away you can tell
I'm here to put you in a spell
And prove you can't beat me
In a spelling bee

I was in first grade when someone first noticed this feature
The lady was my older brother's second grade teacher
She heard I could spell, knew I was doin' it well
So she invited me to be in the second grade spelling bee
With the older kids

After lots and lots of difficult word recitals,
My bro and I ended up tied for the title
We both missed "raccoon"

Two years later I did something that was really great
I was the third grade spelling champ of my state
I won a trophy and a bike and a pair of shiny shoes
The way I was spelling I just could not lose
No way
I was number one

Eighth grade brought another spelling bounty
I was the middle school spelling champ of my county
I went to the regionals, full of ambition
But the word "puissance" knocked me out of that competition
Yeah, I said "puissance"
What kinda word is "puissance"?

When I reached high school, my spelling career was done
So now I work on my spelling skills just for fun
I know it's I before E except after C
Or words that say "A" like "neighbor" and "weigh"

And you think that you're cool
You're the boss of the school
But did you know there's two u's in "minuscule"?
That's right
It starts with "minus"

See, I've done my reading
And I'll be succeeding
When they give words to me
In a spelling bee

Just as sure as "cat" is spelled C-A-T
You can never beat me
In a spelling bee

No, you'll never beat me
In a spelling bee

And I'm O-U-T