Yo I'm the math M-A-S-T-E-R

If you're a star with the numbers, then you're gonna go far

I'm here to share a little slice of pi with you

It's goin' out with a shout to my internet crew

Yeah ....

Now I don't mean to be dramatic, but to me pi's automatic

Got no static in my attic when it comes to mathematics

I'm here to prove to you that I ain't no mental midget

So please don't fidget while I bring my digits

I'm countin' 3.14159265358979

32384626 43383279

Now this is where I really start to have some fun

Like 50288 41971

Give a yo for the show and watch me go

69399 37510

Now if you're sure I won't bore you if I count some more

Here's 58209 749 double-4

I stick some tricks in the mix so you can get your kicks

Like 59230 7816

Now since ya hate to wait, and time is runnin' late,

I'll end my rhyme with 40628